Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting

I joined the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting in June 2017. We are an award-winning five-member investigative team housed in Louisville Public Media. Our mission is to “dig for the truth without fear or favor, cut through red tape and spark public conversation.”

JCPS Internal Investigations Of Employee Misconduct Fall Short: Amid a state audit and media scrutiny, the state’s largest school district received a report that said it wasn’t properly investigating employees who abused children. That report was buried until we released it as part of this story.

Neo-Nazi’s In The Neighborhood: White supremacy groups have long called Kentucky and the region home. This series examines the state of hate in Kentucky and Appalachia.

International Talent, Questions Follow Louisville’s Newest Basketball Academy

‘Lack Of Good Behavior’? Kentucky Government’s Inconsistent Response To Sexual Harassment: Using the state’s open records law, we obtained five years of sexual harassment complaints from every single state agency and assembled the first statewide look at sexual harassment of government employees

Years Later, A Kentucky Hate Crime Still Reverberates: Nearly 15 years after Kentucky’s last successful hate crime prosecution, the decision to burn a cross in a black family’s yard continues to haunt the perpetrator, even as the victim’s have found peace.



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